iPhone Battery Update

The iPhone battery scandal has been all over the news lately, and is sure to have affected someone you know. Although Apple has tried to make amends by reducing the cost of a battery replacement to $29, many users are unable to get a replacement due to overwhelming demand. So what exactly was Apple doing when they rolled out this program and why is it getting so much press coverage?

As it turns out, Apple began limiting the performance of their older phones (iPhone 6 series through the iPhone 7 series) as early as iOS 10. Many users have long suspected that Apple has been intentionally slowing down their phones, but it was made official by Apple themselves in January. So what was their reasoning? In an effort to prevent phones from unexpectedly shutting down due to limited battery performance, Apple coded the slow down into their new operating systems for older devices. This meant that phones that were once speedy, were now experiencing a significant decrease in speed. The solution? Get your battery replaced of course.

Interestingly, users who opt out of replacing their battery will have the option in iOS 11.3 to remove the limitation put in place by Apple. However, if the phone detects an issue and does shutdown, you will be prompted with a message as seen below:

Credit to 9to5 mac for the picture

Credit to 9to5 mac for the picture

So if you are experiencing slow downs or unexpected shutdowns, drop by iScreenFix or head to any corporate Apple store to get a replacement. Make sure you are getting a quality aftermarket or OEM battery to prevent other possible issues with your phone if you are using your local repair shop. Stay tuned for updates on the iPhone battery issue as details are uncovered.